The PA Primer Range

The PA range of metal primers can provide the versatile answer to metal protection whatever the situation, and can be applied by brush or spray. PA Primers have been tried and tested for over 40 years in industries as diverse as ship-building, offshore, and nuclear installatons, commercial vehicle manufacture and general steelwork fabrication.

PA-10 Standard Quality Primer:- A high performance primer which can be applied by brush or spray. Touch dry in 10 minutes at 20 Degrees Celcius. Available in red oxide, grey and black.

PA-24 Instant Dry Spray Quality primer:- A spraying quality primer which is not suitable for brush, offering the same performance and properties as PA-10. Touch dry in 60 seconds at 20 Degrees Celcius. Available in red oxide, grey and black.

PA-20 Clean Conditons Primer:- Feature and properties as for PA-10, but formulated and stored to restrict contaimnation by trace elements. Designed especially for the nuclear industry.


PA-210 Clean Conditons Graphite Modified Primer:- Feature and properties as for PA-20, but formulated especially for the nuclear industry. It is the only primer in Western Europe approved for application onto steel for subsequent use in a nuclear reactor.

It is entirely free of any metal derivatives and contains graphite black pigment. When subjected to high temperatures  prevalent in nuclear reactors, the primer burns away leaving only the graphite, thus avoiding contamination of the reactor.

Commercial Moves

In the beginning....


...there was Strathclyde PA Primer which was developed specifically for the Ship-Building industry to cater for the new welded plates instead of rivets. Red Lead had been the main primer, but a faster drying product was now required.


The answer PA-10 primer.


The PA10 system has been subsequently sold and re-developed by other companies, resulting in PA20 Clean Conditions Primer, PA24 Instant Dry, PA210 Black Graphite Modified Etch Primer.


Hallam (PM) Limited have in place a manufacturing agreement with Spencer Coatings Limited, for the production of the full range, which can be purchased from either party.

PA-10 / 24

Technical Data Sheet


Technical Data Sheet


Technical Data Sheet

Commercial Moves

PA-10 - More than just a primer.


Whatever problems you are facing with metal protection, PA-10 can provide the answer. If you have Storage Tanks, Pipelines, Bridges, Structural Steel work, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous castings then you should be considering PA-10.


Why PA-10?


  • It has an adhesion rate of twice that of an orthodox first-class primer making it practically removable from any metal substrate.


  • It has no surface tension and so follows the profile of the surface being coated, providing an even surface across any peaks and troughs.


  • It will withstand complete immersion in most solvents and is resitant to weak acid and alkali.


  • It provides protection to areas being properly blast cleaned.


  • It is a single solution that doesn't skin or gel if left open overnight.


  • It can be overcoated with just about any type of paint including epoxies and polyurethane.


  • It resists the spread of flame.


  • It's not only weldable, but actually strengthens the weld.


  • It does not char or blister when welded.


  • Steel which has been coated with PA-10 can be cut more quickly.

Commercial Moves

Where used.


  • Ship building

  • Off-shore

  • Nuclear Installations

  • Vehicle Manufacture

  • Steel Work

  • Fabrication


On What Surfaces?


Basically any ferrous or non-ferrous metal so for example;


  • Brass

  • Aluminium

  • Zinc

  • Copper

  • Machined surfaces

  • Shot-blasted surfaces




The original, available for spray or brush, in Red Oxide, Grey and Black.


PA-24 - Instant Dry.
PA-10 but with enhanced drying properties;


  • Touch Dry in 60 Seconds.

  • Hard Dry in 60 Minutes.


Spray only, in Red Oxide, Grey, Black and Clear.


PA-20 - Clean Conditions Primer.
PA-10 but modified for the nuclear industry. The only product in Western Europe approved for use in a nuclear reactor.


Supplied in plastic containers to avoid contamination by trace elements.


PA-210 - Graphite Primer.
Graphite modified version of PA-20.

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